Getting Started with NetfractionHub
Once you have downloaded and run the installer, you must configure your hub for usage.

The first time you run NetfractionHub it will automatically generate it's configuration files. The configuration data can be found at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Klor\NetfractionHub\ on a Windows 7 system. This directory will contain a number of folders by default. Each directory name will be followed by a GUID to ensure it's uniqueness, and inside of that is a set of directories for each version of the component which has been installed. At a minimum, the following directories should be present:
  • Logging.GUID - contains all application log files.
  • Netfraction.GUID - contains the core hub configuration files.
  • Scripting.GUID - currently unused - will be the location for scripts in the future.
  • Security.GUID - contains the security database files and certificates.

In the Netfraction.GUID folder, you will find the Hub.xml file. This allows you to configure the hub's core settings. Some of these settings are also exposed via user commands.

Connecting to the hub
By default, Netfraction hub listens for connections to adc://localhost:6356. A number of ADC-compatible clients are able to connect. The first user to connect to the hub will automatically be assigned as the hub owner, so it is important that you connect prior to changing the listening addresses.

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