Protocol Support

The following tables detail the protocol support of NetfractionHub.

ADC Protocol Extensions

See for the protocol documentation.

Name Protocol Version Supported
Tiger tree hash support (TIGR) 1.0 Yes
File list compressed with bzip2 (BZIP) 1.0 No (client-only)
Compressed communication with zlib (ZLIB) 1.0 No
Pinger (PING) 1.0 Yes
Timestamp in MSG (MSG TS) 1.0.1 No (client-only)
Distributed Favourites (DFAV) 1.0.1 No (client-only)
User commands (UCMD) 1.0.2 Yes
Removed optional keywords from user commands (UCMD) 1.0.3 ?
Bloom filter searching (BLOM) 1.0.3 No
Magnet link extension for user commands (UCMD) 1.0.4 Yes
NAT Traversal (NATT) 1.0.4 No (client-only)
Referrer notification (STA RF) 1.0.4 Yes
Upload Queue notification (STA QP) 1.0.4 No (client-only)
Partial file sharing (PFSR) 1.0.4 No (client-only)
Locale specification (INF LC) 1.0.5 No
Multiple inputs for 'line' parameter in user commands (UCMD) 1.0.5 No
Hidden client type (INF CT) 1.0.5 Yes
Invalid feature error code (STA) 1.0.5 Yes
Keyprint certificate substitution protection for ADCS (KEYP) 1.0.6 No
UDP search traffic encryption (SUDP) 1.0.6 No (client-only)
Chat state notifications (TYPE) 1.0.6 No (client-only)
RSS feeds (FEED) 1.0.6 No
Grouping of file extensions in search (SEGA) 1.0.6 No (client-only)
Failover hub addresses (INF FO) 1.0.6 Yes
Free slots in client (INF FS) 1.0.6 No (client-only)
Encryption of ADC traffic (ADCS) 1.0.6 Yes

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